Reactive Black dyes

The company is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of reactive black dyes. the range of reactive black dyes offered by the company is formulated efficiently and can be used flexibly in different applications. the company offers its variety of reactive black dyes at the best prices in the international market. the range of Reactive Black Dyes made available by the company includes Reactive Black 5 Dyes, Reactive Black HFGR dyes, reactive deep black N 150 dyes, reactive black ZN dyes and reactive black ZR dyes.


  • Excellent Jet Black Shade At Lower Depths
  • Excellent Salt Solubility
  • Good Post Mercerization Fastness
  • Good Wet Rub Fastness Among Reactive Blacks
  • Easy Wash-Off
  • Robust To Process Variables


  • Economical
  • Sas Method Possible
  • Suitable For Yarn Dyed Fabrics
  • High Rub Fastness Requirements Can Be Achieved
  • Dyeing Cycle Is Reduced
  • Reproducible.