Reactive Polyfunctional dyes

Class :- Mixed Bifunctional Class

These dyes are double anchor reactive dyes.
structure of mixed bifunctional class dyes

Dyesstuff Chromophere –Triazine ring-vinyl sulphone group

Application Suitability :-

Exhaust  dyeing  can be used for continuous dyeing process with limited suitability.

Positive factor of  ‘Polyfunctional ' types Of Dyes:-

  • products range having much chromatic – bright – colors
  • Less energy require for application
  • Suitable for application on all popular dyeing machines
  • All round good fastness values
  • Batch-to-batch reproducibility is very good
  • Very good self life of products
  • High exhaustion and fixation on fabric
  • Levelness of dyeing on fabric is very good