Awards & Achievement

Achievement, High Lights & Future Plans

  • ROOP DYES is the pioneer in introducing Matching shades in REACTIVE DYES for Textile printing.
  • REACTIVE BLACK HFGR was first produced and successfully introduced to the Textile industry by ROOP DYES.
  • Research & Development Department of ROOP DYES constantly endeavors to introduce not only new products but finding ways & means to various uses of the existing products. They have successfully experimented dyeing of silk with REACTIVE BLACKS and are in the process to use REACTIVE BLACKS on wool.
  • Received STAR EXPORT HOUSE Recognition certificate from Government of India in 2008 for outstanding EXPORT Performance.
  • Dye Stuff Manufacturers Association of India issued certificate awarding FIRST SMALL SCALE EXPORTER OF INDIA for export.
  • Roop Dyes is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which is an assurance about the International standard of their quality. Accredited by the Dutch Council for Certification (RvA).
  • Have received outstanding export performance AWARD for last many years from Gujarat Dyestuff manufacturer's Association, Zalawad Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Dyestuff Manufacturer's association of India and Chemexcil (Basic Chemicals Export promotion council of India) & also from Government of India.
  • As per our expansion policy, we are shortly introducing specialties products in Acid & Direct Dyes Suitable for Dyeing & Printing of Naylon, Wool & Silk fabrics.

Present Production Capacity

  • Present installed capacity is 1800 tons per annum.
  • Looking to present competitive market, ROOP DYES have now decided to expand their activities which will cover introduction of other dyes and related products like textile chemicals Pigments Powder & Paste, Vat Paste for Textile Printing & Other Textile auxiliaries, along with full range of Reactive Dyes.