Reactive RGB Dyes

Class :- Beta sulphatoethyl sulfone class
These dyes are having moderate reactivity.

Application Suitability:- Exhaust dyeing, cold-pad –batch dyeing

Positive Factors Of- ‘RGB’ Type Dyes:-

  • Less energy require for application, so economical for end users
  • Suitable for various types of applications.
  • All round good fastness values.
  • Good shelf life of products
  • Suitable for application on all popular dyeing machines

Company Profile

It was in the year 1978 that a young entrepreneur with a significant foresight decided to enter in upcoming dye stuff industry.After market survey commenced in a moderate way production of REACTIVE DYES C T type at factory in WADHWAN CITY of Gujarat, India. Introduced 90 matching shades in printing.

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Our Productions

Maintaining quality at each stage of Manufacturing, is a normal practice at Roop Dyes.

The production infrastructure includes reactors with capacity of 150 MT/M and Rotary Spray Drier with evaporation capacity of 550 Ltrs/Hrs. The Spray Dryers are supported by the Reverse Osmosis System ...

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